Who We Serve

The Northwood Group provides unique commercial real estate services for following groups:

Real Estate Investors

We work with investors looking for commercial real estate investment opportunities that want more than what is always seen on the open market through traditional channels.

Business Owners

Helping business owners use real estate as part of their growth strategy and wealth building tools is what we thrive on.

Government & Non-Profits

We consult with cities, counties, economic development groups, school districts and other government and non-profit groups with their commercial real estate needs.

Property Sellers

If you own commercial real estate you need or want to sell, we have investors that are looking for opportunities.  We want to see your property.

Our client’s interests always come first.  Our clients can testify that we provide very candid and realistic recommendations based on facts and experience.  We are very selective about opportunities and suggest that clients pass on deals more than we recommend moving forward.