Business Owners

The “place” or location of a business is of utmost importance to the ultimate success of a company. What many businesses overlook is the ability of the “place” of business — or property itself — to be a powerful financial tool.

We can assist you in site selection, selling, acquiring or managing property that meets specific business objectives and fulfills financial goals.

Services include:

Tenant Representation:

The commercial real estate component of a business is often one of the largest expenses for a company. The property itself is a business tool with different applications in terms of its efficiency, presence, marketing potential, and eventual wellbeing of the employees that work there. We help companies locate unique facilities that enable them to accomplish both their business and financial goals.

Building Acquisition:

Commercial real estate is one of the best methods for business owners to generate long-term cash flow and wealth. At the right time, we guide business owners through process of finding, acquiring, financing, and managing the right building.

Equity for Building Acquisition:

Through our affiliation with Building Partner Investors, we can also provide cash to help with the acquisition, financing and management of a commercial real estate asset. For more information please see 


For those companies that already own their buildings and are in need of liquidity, but want to maintain control of their buildings, we can provide investors that are willing to purchase all or a share of the building based on the needs of the individual business.